What does a good post-2020 global biodiversity framework look like for Africa?

The long-awaited COP-15 of the Convention on Biological Diversity has finally commenced in Montreal, Canada. The African CSOs Biodiversity Alliance provides a platform for CSOs to speak with one voice on issues of Sustainable Use of natural resources, hence, we advocate for a Post2020 Global Biodiversity framework that guarantees Sustainable use in line with legal standards in the CBD and Nagoya Protocol

The COP15 negotiations to finalize the post-2020 GBF will have to contend with over 1400 brackets- coming from OEWG 5, showing the limited consensus across Parties to the CBD. Some of these brackets contain issues that are crucial for Africa.  With two weeks to go, this raises a question on how good or bad the COP will be for Africa’s sustainable development and biodiversity agenda.

The African CSOs Biodiversity Alliance (ACBA) has a brief that articulates what will be emblematic of good or bad COP15 outcomes for Africa. The Alliance reaffirms that successful implementation of the GBF requires an integrated approach that recognizes that all goals are interdependent.

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