Request for Proposals

ACBA currently has 80 members of which about 40 actively participate in alliance activities from all regions of the continent. The alliance works through three working groups, namely the policy, communications and secretariat. The three working groups report monthly to the full ACBA membership.

 ACBA’s delivery model is evolving underpinned by its vision and values and strategic objectives. Central to the model is working through members to elevate their voices and programmatic work supported by a lean but efficient secretariat. The secretariat provides coordination, convenes members, facilitates knowledge management and exchange and supports the other two working groups.

 ACBA Thematic Pillars The three network thematic pillars through which ACBA delivers its work are: 

i. Communications, coordination and monitoring 

ii. Policy engagement (research, advocacy, case studies, policy briefs, reviews)

iii. Capacity Building (finance, tools, skills, strategic planning) 

In order to realize its delivery model and implementation of its strategic plan, ACBA has prioritized member capacity enhancement across its three thematic pillars as well as strengthening its secretariat functions to enhance coordination of the network. An important first step in this regard is to undertake a capacity needs assessment (CNA) of the members and secretariat.

Therefore,  ACBA invites the service providers to detail a methodological approach for the work. The consultant must describe how it will address the objectives of the Terms of Reference providing a detailed description of the work to be performed, reporting conditions and quality assurance mechanisms that will be put in place. The methodology will demonstrate that the proposed approach will be appropriate to ACBA’s pan-African network context. We encourage both ‘data’ from wider surveys as well as virtual and in-person interviews.

Click here to download the full Terms of Reference. 

Interested organizations should submit the proposal to  with a copy to Jane Otieno at:  on or before 10th February 2023 5pm EAT.